• General

  • Who is Credit ONE?

    Credit ONE is a consumer finance lending platform offering a secure and hassle-free way to access small amounts of cash without any hidden costs. We provide our customers with fast cash loans or instalment loans at a very competitive market price.

  • Who can apply for a personal loan?

    For a successful application, you need to be:

    • be 22 years or older;
    • you must have a Sri Lankan NIC;
    • a valid email address;
    • a Sri Lankan address;
    • a Sri Lankan phone number;
    • Permanent & confirmed employees who have completed a minimum period of 12 months including the probation period.

    If you fit the criteria, we’d love to help you!

    How To Apply
  • How much can I borrow?

    The amount you can borrow from us will depend on many factors that are built into our automated system. We offer loans between Rs. 5,000 - Rs. 25,000 and you can apply for as much as you need.

  • Can I have more than one loan at a time?

    With our commitment to responsible lending, we can only allow customers to have one loan at a time. Once your loan has been fully paid, you are welcome to apply again!

  • How much are the quick cash loan processing fees? What about repayment period?

    You can use our loan calculator to see how the fees change with respect to the loan amount and repayment period. There are no additional fees or hidden costs.

  • Minimum Interest Charge

    5% P.M

  • Application

  • How long does it take to get my money?

    Once you've accepted your electronic loan agreement, we will process your loan payout immediately.

    Generally, for customers banking at a major Sri Lankan financial institution, you can receive your money in as little as 30 mins, (during normal business hours) or the next business day for after hours.

  • How do I send in my fast and quick loan application?

    All loan applications can be submitted through our website.

    How To Apply
  • After applying

  • How soon can I get a loan decision?

    We are able to provide a decision on screen shortly after successfully completing your application during normal business hours. In cases where we need additional information, a member of our Customer Support team will contact you, during normal hours of operation.

  • How do I get my money?

    Once you accept, your funds will be automatically deposited into your bank account. This works the same fast way your employer might deposit your pay on your payday.

    How To Apply
  • How do I pay back the personal loan and cash loan?

    The invoice will be delivered to you by email within a week of granting the loan. You must pay the loan by the due date as stated on the invoice.

  • I got declined, should I re-apply?

    Yes! Ensure you provide as much accurate information as you can.

  • Late Payments

  • Late Repayment: What if you are late with a repayment?

    If you fail to pay any repayment amount owing to us on the relevant due date, you will pay the applicable late paymemet fees as specified in your agreement.

    A late repayment may also affect your ability to borrow from Ferratum in the future.

  • Loan Extensions

    Loan extension can be done for another 30 days by simply paying the minimum fee. This option will not be available after 30 days from your loan due date.

  • Important

  • What if unexpected things happened to you after receiving your loan?

    If unexpected things happened to you after receiving your loan, please contact us immediately to discuss your hard circumstances. We are ready to listen to your unexpected hard circumstances and will try to do our best to help you find an arrangement that you can repay your loan.

  • How to make a complaint?

    We pride ourselves on making sure we give every customer a great experience every time they deal with us.

    We highly value any feedback regarding our performance and openly welcome any suggestions on how we can better service our customers.

    Email Address: [email protected]
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