When involved in a lending process both lenders and borrowers must act responsibly. We (Credit ONE), here to help you through hard financial times. Our aim is to, as far as possible, assist you with your daily financing needs.

A quick cash loan should only be used for short-term financial needs and is not appropriate for long-term borrowing (and would be very expensive if used in this way), or if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

  • We strongly advise you: Before you apply for a loan, carefully think once more about your decision.

  • What Is Responsible Lending Principles?

    Responsible lenders need to know the borrower’s financial background. They run credit checks to find out if he/she can pay back the loan on time. Honest lenders give proper loan amounts that do not burden the borrower and fits into their budget.

  • Responsible Lending Practices
    • Lenders must provide borrowers with the information they need to make fully informed decisions about the loan.
    • Lenders must price their loans based on appropriate factors, including the risk and cost of extending loan, marketplace conditions, and safety considerations.
    • Lenders must only approve applications when they consider the borrower has the ability to repay the loan according to its terms.
    • Lenders must provide timely responses to customer questions and complaints and take prompt actions as needed.
  • What Is Predatory Lending?

    26.49%.Predatory lending is the unfair, deceptive, or fraudulent practice that some lenders may carry out during the loan origination process. These, unethical lending companies write up loans that have the potential to trap a borrower in a cycle of debt. One of the ways they can do this is by lending too large an amount of money which the borrower will find hard to repay. Also, they set a very high APR on loans. The objective is to protect our clients from predatory and deceptive lenders!

  • What We Require?

    If you decide to choose us as your quick cash loans provider, we will require the following from you:

    • Sri Lankan Citizenship or permanent residency;
    • Holder of a valid Sri Lankan national identity card;
    • Holder of a valid Sri Lankan mobile phone number;
    • Holder of a valid Sri Lankan bank account (in your own name);
    • No open or outstanding loans with Credit ONE;
    • A current bank statement showing your most recent 90 days of transaction history*;
    • Show your ability to meet minimum lending criteria and affordability requirements to borrow from Credit One.

    You should be sure you can afford to repay them before applying. You must fill in your genuine income and expenditure details in the loan application form. *to find out more about on providing your bank statement, please check our FAQs page.

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